10 Indian Dishes You Must Try in 2015

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2015 has begun with a ton of New Year’s Resolutions but I know what a foodie’s list would have. A foodie would obviously want to try new dishes and experience the heaven on Earth. Right? I know that very well and at the same time, I know how much you crave for Indian Food. But then problem arises when you actually get the chance to taste Indian food and need to decide.

Your taste buds get awakened while you start pronouncing those delectable names (even when you have no idea about the meanings of those names). Your stomach starts making noises that could be heard even outside the restaurant. Your tongue makes it difficult to speak for it is already facing a flood of saliva. Your brain starts imagining what the food would look like instead of focusing to help you place the order. You just get into a state of trance where you are imagining and enjoying your food in your thoughts.

Knock! Knock! The waiter is still standing over there and you need to place the order. Let me help you. This year instead of letting yourself go confused, you must follow a list. The list of Indian Food dishes that you must try in 2015.

1.Butter chicken: Let’s begin with the dish from India’s most dominating cuisine – Punjabi. This non vegetarian dish is always flooded with cream and butter and the aroma of the fine blend of spices would make it difficult for you to stop. The taste of roasted chicken cooked to perfection would be no less than the bliss. Now, don’t you think that any restaurant can serve you this recipe. The recipe requires perfection else you might end up getting disappointed. Pick up a really good restaurant (good restaurant means the one that has a good and experienced chef) and try this dish. If you happen to be the lucky one, you would taste the best non vegetarian dish ever invented.

Butter Chicken

2.Pav Bhaji: Though Pav Bhaji is now served mainly as a street food, but Indian households are big fans of this nutritious dish that is a combination of two – Pav and Bhaji. And while you try this dish, don’t forget to ask about the cool story associated with the dish.

Pav Bhaji

3.Chaats: There are a wide variety of chaats available in India. They originated from Uttar Pradesh and are served as snacks in a number of regions in India. A chaat is basically a tingy combination of a flour based dish with a number of spices garnished with yogurt and coriander leaves. There are several versions of chaats available like aloo chaat, chaat papri, dahi bhalla, paani puri etc. I would say – try them all!


4.Hyderabadi Biryani: This rice based delicacy from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) finds mention in each and every must-try Indian food article. The preparation style of this Biryani provides it a unique flavour which is relished by one and all and if you haven’t tried this dish yet, you’re definitely missing something.

Hyderabadi Biryano

5.Dum Aloo: Didn’t I use the word ‘perfection’ too much? Well, there is one other dish cooking which is considered an art. Not every chef can bring the real flavour of Dum Aloo in the recipe but there are good chefs spread all around the globe. Find a good one and taste Dum Aloo. You would love the dish.

Dum Aloo

6.Sarson Ka Saag & Makki Di Roti: This is another must-try dish from the Punjabi Cuisine. This dish is a combination of two – sarson ka saag is a vegetable dish prepared with mustard leaves while makki di roti is a kind of Indian bread. The dish is prepared in North India during winter season and is highly nutritious and yummylicious!

Sarson Ka Saag

7.Samosa: Too many main course dishes. No? How about this snack? This most special part of this snack is that it is equally popular in each and every region of India and if you ever visited the Facebook Page of Indian Food Zone, you would know how Americans love this snack. There gotta be something in it worth trying. Go and try it!


8.Cholle Bhature: yep, I am a bit biased towards Punjabi food. Well, for my first post like this, a little bias towards the food of Punjab is acceptable. Isn’t it? Cholle Bhature is also a combination of two - Cholle is a spicy preparation of white chick peas and Bhature is fried bread made of white flour. The dish is a heavy Indian breakfast and is worth trying.

Cholle Bhature

9.Masala Dosa: Americans love South Indian Food probably because it lets you taste the milder version of Indian Food.  Idli, Dosa, Uttapam – there are a number of south Indian dishes which must have found place in this must-have Indian Food in 2015 list but alas! I need to list only 10 of them. So, I had to be a bit cruel and choose one and obviously, it had to be Masala Dosa.

Masala Dosa

10.Rasgulla/Gulab Jamun: No meal is complete without a good dessert or sweets. And when it comes to Indian Cuisine, you must taste the sweet flavours of Bengal. Rasgulla is one of the most famous sweets of Bengal. You will be thinking why did mention two? Well, Rasgulla is the favourite of entire India while Gulab Jamun is my personal favourite. Let’s see which one you like.


Time to say good bye. But I do want to listen from you about which ones did you try and which one got added up in your all time favourites list.