10 Must-Know Facts about Garlic

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One of the reasons for why Indian Food is so nutritious and healthy is because it involves use of ingredients like garlic, ginger, turmeric which have a large number of health benefits. Apart from health benefits, these seasonings greatly enhance the flavour of the food preparations.

And I am on a spree to document all such amazing ingredients used in Indian Cooking and share some scribbling with you.

  1. Say ‘good bye’ to diseases: Garlic is used to fend off cancer, cold, flu and heart diseases. It also helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level and prevents building up of plaque in the arteries. It boosts your immune system. You can also use garlic to treat acne and tooth aches. Indians have always been very clever while picking up spices to be used in the food. Don’t you agree?
  2. The 5-hour energy pill: In ancient Greek, Garlic was used as a “performance enhancing” drug by Olympic athletes. And I thought Caffeine was the only option to work for you for longer times (I hate Caffeine).
  3. Use as a bouquet: In ancient Greek and Roman Weddings, brides carried bouquet of garlic and other herbs instead of flowers. How about you try and bring the tradition back? ;)
  4. Save your garden: This ‘stinking rose’ can help you to fight against the aphid attacks on your rose plants.  Sprit the leaves and blooms with a mixture of water and crushed garlic.
  5. A low-calorie food: Although I know you would never attempt to eat whole garlic as an alternative to usual food (this was practiced during middle ages to ward off Black Death), I think you should know that a garlic clove just has 4 calories. 
  6. A home remedy tool: Whether you’re trying to find a home remedial solution for ear infection or for a sore throat, Garlic is there for your rescue. It is an effective medicine for asthma, coughs, hoarseness and lung disorders.
  7. Toxic to your pet: The animate being in your house (cat or dog) must not be fed with this for it is toxic to them.
  8. Help your babies gain weight: Garlic has been found to help the babies gain weight who are still in their mother womb. So, if you’re pregnant or planning for it, be ready have a bad breath all the time. Do consult the doctor before following this. 
  9. Not all is good: Just like turmeric, garlic is not fit for every person. You must never have garlic before surgery. Also, the people who are under blood thinning medications must refrain from eating garlic. Consumption amount of garlic must be kept in check for greater amount of benefits.
  10. Save yourself from vampires: Every vampire is not as handsome as Damon of Vampire Diaries. So, instead of running behind vampires, you must try to save yourself from them (Don’t forget to tell me if you found a Vampire in real life). Anyways, you do need some garlic to keep the filthy ones away. Folk lore has it that garlic fights off evil spirits and keep the vampires away. Let me know what do you think of this myth? ;)
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