5 Indian Food Dishes that Work Great as Leftovers

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Today, I thought of spending some time on Quora to see what people have been talking of these days. I stumbled across a question – “Why leftovers taste better than freshly cooked food?” Of course, this isn’t true for every food but the person explained how he found some foods tastier when left overnight after cooking. I tried to find the scientific reason behind that and came across this article – The Science of Leftovers, Why They Taste so Good? This worked as an inspiration for this post. I have been served Indian Food since the time I wasn’t even born. ( :P ) That makes me quite an expert when it comes to analyzing the taste of Indian Food. While I would prefer not to boast of my expertise as an Indian Food Lover, I would like to begin this post. So, here are 5 Indian Food Dishes that work great as leftovers. 1.Rajmah: Kidney Beans, especially the ones from the region of Jammu & Kashmir, taste so delicious. But this is a secret of people of that area... ssshhhh! The curry based Indian dish Rajmah made of kidney beans taste even better when it is left overnight after cooking. Of course, I stole this secret from a friend of mine who is a native of the area. See how much I love sharing my Indian Food knowledge with you guys. ;) Rajmah Chaawal 2.Dal Makhani: Let’s move on to the Punjab Region. A scrumptious lentils preparation with lots of butter literally floating around makes your mouth full of saliva. While my choice of words really needs to be worked upon, I can still vow for the goodness of the flavour that comes in the leftover Dal Makhani. Try it! Dal Makhani 3.Dum Aloo: Potatoes are something that you should never consider while having leftovers. They are filled with starch and other such things which create a mess if the cooked potatoes are kept for long. Potato based dishes are meant for immediate consumption. But Dum Aloo is certainly an exception. Why? Because of the huge amount of spices that go into the dish during its preparation. In fact, I should warn you not to try any dish with potatoes in it as a leftover. But trying Dum Aloo as a leftover is must! Dum Aloo 4.Gaajar Ka Halwa: This mouth watering sweet dish made of carrot and condensed milk is a favourite in Punjab Region during winters. I belong to Punjab and we cook it once and savour it for 2-3 days. We never prefer it for immediate consumption. It tastes better as a leftover. Gaajar Ka Halwa 5.Malai Kofta: Don’t go for koftas made of potatoes. My mom prepares the koftas (ball like deep fried snack) with shredded gourd. And those koftas taste awesome when had as a leftover. Seriously. Malai Kofta I could have elongated this list and told you some more Indian Food Dishes that taste best as leftovers but I think 5 new dishes to taste is a big task. I would love it if you actually try all of the suggestions listed above and let me know about your experience. I did have some mice (read friends) that became the victims of my experiments while trying to verify my findings. So, you can stop worrying about not finding it good and so on... these dishes taste really good as leftovers. I promise.