9 Extremely Amazing Uses of Turmeric

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Few days back, I came across this amazing community of people who are so crazy about Indian Food. And guess what! Majority of them haven’t even visited India. They are the people who drool over Indian Food and dream to visit India and experience the original delicacies at least once in their life.

Now, those who already know about Indian Food would completely understand the emotions put into the above lines but those who don’t, would find it so weird. Why are people crazy about Indian food? In simple words, it is just awesome.

This post is however not to talk about the awe-inspiring Indian Food. This post is to talk about some amazing uses of turmeric – which is one of the most popular Indian spices. Now, India is the land of spices and produces the largest variety of spices in the entire world. And the unique thing about these is that they don’t just add flavours to the food. Their uses are numerous. And today, it is time to talk about uses of turmeric, other than adding a different and unique flavour to the food you cook.

Boosting Immunity:  In India, if you get some kind of injury, the first thing that your mother would do is mix some turmeric in milk and make you drink it. That is because turmeric helps in boosting immunity. There is this component curcumin that is found in turmeric and has extremely beneficial therapeutic value.

So, besides boosting the immunity, turmeric can control your cholesterol level; put a break to the aging and act as an aid to treat diseases like arthritis, asthma, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, allergies, diabetes, cancer and liver problems. That is all because of the little substance called curcumin which is abundantly present in turmeric.

Weight Loss: Do you know weight loss is one of the most searched about topics on the internet? Everyone wants to get rid of those flabby arms, love handles and cellulite problems. Now that curcumin (busy boy!) also helps to prevent weight loss. Moreover, it is highly effective in curbing diseases related to obesity. That inflammatory reaction in your body that happens due to those extra pounds that you cannot shed can be suppressed with adding just a little amount of turmeric to your diet.

Preservative: In India, we love cottage cheese but the shelf life of cottage cheese is so less and we cannot tell you how much we hate that. But then, we have this spice called turmeric which acts like an amazing preservative. One can increase the shelf life of cottage cheese upto 12 days by adding just a pinch of turmeric.

Beauty Products: I know how Americans love DIYs. You just want to get the purest things by spending least amount of money. Guess what! Turmeric is the best of the beauty products ever known in India. The beauty products in India use turmeric abundantly for it increases that glow on the face that women crave for. And from my own experiments, I can tell that the turmeric paste made with water acts very nicely as an anti-tan cream. So, next time you want to try out some DIY to make your face look better, look for the ones that involve turmeric. Use them abundantly to nourish your scalp, make homemade bathing soaps or embellish temporary tattoos.

Pesticides: We all hate pests. Those stupid insects – my god! They even try to ruin my youtube videos. But then I know of this magic trick to ward off pests, insects and even termites. A pinch of turmeric powder added in little amount of water sprinkled at all the entry points of the house act as a devil’s trap which no insect would want to step into. (Yeah! We’re the supernatural fans. ;) )

Live Longer: Are you the one who doesn’t want to die too early? Try having sipping turmeric tea instead of green tea. It would certainly add up millions of moments to your life. Moreover, a healthy person does live long. Doesn’t he?

Teeth Whitening: So, I spent hundreds of bucks on tooth treatment to get whiter teeth but actually got no results. I hated it when I needed to edit my pictures to make my teeth look whiter. But guess what! I no longer need the editing for my teeth are whiter now. That’s because I have been rubbing turmeric on my teeth. But be careful while doing this. Don’t let it be in contact with enamel for long unless you want your teeth to be more yellow.

Dye Easter Eggs:  Turmeric is an easy to find and useful ingredient to turn the white hard boiled eggs into golden shining jewels. Try it!

Minimal Side Effects: Now, if I tell you there is an ingredient that has no side effects at all, it would be a complete lie. Turmeric does have some side effects but they are almost ignorable. You must be careful while using turmeric during pregnancy. Also, turmeric slows down blood clotting, so make sure not to use it after surgeries etc. People with gall bladder issues should stay away from it.

Oh my god! The list is becoming so long. Well, this is actually endless. I can go on and on talking about uses of turmeric but then I already mentioned the most common and effective ones over here.

 So, you know what I did today, I just brushed up your knowledge about turmeric and gave you some really good tips to enhance your health, beauty and DIY projects. And I would love it if you share the article and spread the word. 

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