Everything You Need To Know About Indian Spice Box

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You know that it is too spicy but still you relish Indian Food. Curry based dishes give your taste buds immense pleasure and leave you drooling for me. The enchanting spell they cast on you stay for lifetime. Wait! Do you want to know how can you re-create that spell and use it every time you cook food? Do you want to know the ingredients you need to begin with your magical journey? The sorcerous characteristic that is possessed by Indian Food is how different spices are blended while cooking. Put everything in a chronological order at the right temperature on the right time and viola! You’ve created a perfect Indian Delicacy that would leave you spellbound. But the task becomes difficult when need to open different canisters to take out different spices. By the time you add the second spice on your recipe list, the first one turns into a black stinky waste. How is it possible to quicken your pace and get everything done on the right time? While most of it comes with experience, there is one thing that can assist you in achieving expertise in lesser time. What is it? This is the most common thing found in Indian Kitchens is the Indian Spice Box. What is the Indian Spice Box? Indian Spice Box is typically a round box that contains seven compartments, each of which is used to store a different spice. The whole box is covered tightly with a lid. The shape of the box does vary in several parts of the country. Why? Indians never stop experimenting. But the traditional round shape allows a lot of space between the small containers kept inside the big round box. This makes it easy to pick out the containers. This Indian Spice box (also known as Masala Dabba) has a strong bond with Indian Culture and Indian Families. These spice boxes are passed on by mothers to their daughters on the time of their marriages. The spice boxes are the key tools that are handy for beginners in Indian cooking. Spice Box Why use the Indian Spice Box? If you want to turn your dish from just comestible to extremely delicious, you need an Indian Spice Box. The Indian spice box basically contains the most frequently used spices in Indian Cooking. This definitely means that you get all spices required at one place. It is indeed a blessing for lazy people like me. ;) It allows you to get your hands over the required ingredient at right time. You can cook easily and quickly. You would never need to run around your kitchen trying to memorize where you kept the cumin seeds last time you stepped into the kitchen. It is a time saver and a space saver in your kitchen. Indian Spices Box How to set up an Indian Spice Box? Now that you know the importance and benefits of Indian Spice Box, I bet you would want to have one for yourself. Though there are a number of companies that sale Indian Spice Boxes (even in U.S.), I would want to share my personal tips when it comes to getting the perfect spice box up! Usually, the box has grounded spices like Red Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder and cumin seeds. But I would recommend using the box to store whole spices rather than grounded spices. The grounded spices usually lose their aroma in a short period of time. The flavour of the different spices stored might get mixed up and this definitely means that your dish wouldn’t taste the way you want after using such mixed-up spices. Personally, I prefer keeping these items in the spice box – cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, onion seeds and carom seeds. All of these are whole spices and never get me worried about the flavours. But as stated previously in this post, it all depends upon the frequency of use. Basically, if you use a spice daily, keep it in the spice box. You will figure it out as you start cooking Indian Food. So, have you started cooking Indian Food? I would love to see what you have been cooking at home? And don’t forget to get the Indian Spice Box to assist you in your artistic ventures.