The Importance Of Indian Spices To Cook Delectable Indian Cuisine

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Spices are known as one of the most remarkable ingredients of the Indian cuisine. Without the spices, the exotic flavors of the Indian food don’t come out. The spices and the herbs are also a prominent reason why the Indian food has become so favorite among the people across the globe. So, in short it can be said that the Indian cuisine and the spices go hand in hand as the traditional food items of India are seasoned with a wide array of spices. The Indian cooks use loads of seasoning in different types of shapes and colors. Cinnamon, black mustard seed, golden turmeric, cardamom, chilies, ginger root is the common spices used to cook the Indian dishes. Depending of the type of dish like vegetable, chicken, fish or red meat, the required spices are added during the cooking time. The great thing about the spices is that different flavors can be extracted from the same spice by using different methods of using like grinding, roasting, adding the whole spice or by combining the spice with other spices. The most common spices used to prepare the Indian food are: Carom Seeds: These are mainly used tempered in oil or dry roasted before seasoning any dish. These are used to prepare the breads in the northern part of India. Cloves: The cloves come up with strong, warm flavors. These are one of the prior ingredients of the “Garam Masala” and also cooked in the ghee or oil to prepare spicy dishes. Mustard: Three main types of mustards are used in the Indian cuisine, namely the brown mustard, black mustard and white mustard. This spice is used to bring strong flavors in the dishes. Cumin: This spice is also known popularly as jeera and quite popular because of its earthy aroma. This spice is used in its raw form to increase the spicy aroma of the Indian dishes. These are a just a few spices used in the Indian cuisine. Apart from these, numerous types of spices are herbs are found in India but most of them are least known to us. We only use some of these spices to cook the authentic Indian flavored cuisine. Let’s learn a more about the usage of these popularly used spices and herbs. Curry: It is a popular method of using the spices in the Indian cuisine. In this process, different types of spices are mixed with the vegetables and then they are cooked together. In order to prepare the traditional Indian curry, the spices like turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper, red pepper, coriander, clove and other type of spices. Bhuna: This is a popularly known method of using Indian spices where the spices are cooked in the hot oil while preserving and releasing their authentic flavors by removing the raw flavors. This process is mainly used to cook different types of curry in India. Tadka: This is another popular cooking process of spices and this method is also quite similar to Bhuna. But the only difference between these two methods is that in Tadka, whole spices are used to extract their flavors.

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