Uttar Pradesh Cuisine - Taste The Flavors From Simple Indian Kitchen to Royal Banquets

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Do you want to taste utterly tasty and finger licking dishes? Does your definition of ‘perfect food’ include simple everyday food dishes along with rich and elaborate royal banquets? If you really want to experience and taste the potpourri of amazing dishes, the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is what you should look for.

Uttar Pradesh is one the most populous and famous states of India. The fame of Uttar Pradesh is not only because of the historical monuments, mystical mountains & lakes but also because of their highly alluring meals for the gourmets. The Uttar Pradesh Cuisine is of a highly versatile nature and has evolved by adapting and modifying the culinary art used in many national and international cuisines.

Different Tastes in Different Regions

Often called as the Mecca for foodies, the state of Uttar Pradesh has been divided in three regions with each region having its own unique version of Uttar Pradesh Cuisine.

Each city clinches to its own special style of cooking. For example, if you want to experience the royal culinary art, Lucknow is the place you should be at. If you adore the simple and light food, Kanpur is your must to visit destination.

What’s popular in Uttar Pradesh Cuisine?

If I have to describe the versatility and popularity of Uttar Pradesh Cuisine, I would go on and on. But for now, I would like to tell what makes this cuisine so special and ‘common’.

You would be thinking how come a cuisine which I’ve described as highly varied be called as ‘common’? It is definitely a common cuisine in India for I see the delicacies of this cuisine become an inseparable part of life of each Indian. Just for an example, I would like to mention the ‘Samosa’ which originally belongs to Uttar Pradesh Cuisine but is a highly common snack in each and every part of India.

Awadhi Cuisine

Talking about the popular genre of this cuisine, Awadhi and Mughlai would be the top scoring on the list. Awadhi Cuisine, which originated in Awadh (Lucknow), blends a perfect combination of Kashmiri and Punjabi Cuisine. However, the tradition of Dum Cooking, which is one of the most difficult to master cooking techniques in India is original to Uttar Pradesh Cuisine and is widely practiced in Kashimiri Cuisine as well.

Mughlai Cuisine

The Mughlai Cuisine is the royal cuisine introduced by the Nawabs itself during the time of their rule. The tradition of ‘Dastarkhwan’ – a ceremony where the food is traditionally laid on the table has been introduced by the same Nawabs in this cuisine. Mughlai Cuisine is itself a very interesting cuisine because of its history and cooking traditions and is often considered to be a separate cuisine.

Ingredients and Lip Smacking Dishes

If you’re thinking about what kind of ingredients one should expect in the food in Uttar Pradesh Cuisine, mutton, cottage cheese (paneer) and rich spices are something which is never missed in the food prepared through this culinary art.

The most popular dishes of this state include – Dum Biryani (Rice cooked with Dum Technique), Kadhi Chaawal, Palak Paneer, Masala bhindi, Lucknow Koftas, Aalo Dum etc.

And of course the most popular snacks all over India – samosa, pakora and chaat are must to try.

The traditional desserts like Kesari Mishthan are also very popular.

Uttar Pradesh has given some of the most common and delicious dishes to the Indian Cuisine.  The Uttar Pradesh Cuisine can suit a person of any kind of taste – whether you like a very simple down to earth meal or you love to be treated like a king having a royal dinner at his palace, this cuisine would certainly fulfill your appetite.