About Us

Indian Food Zone , a concept that sprouted while having lunch with my American Friends. They were like , hey we love Indian food but we don't know what exactly we are eating, and I wish I could remember name so that I can ask for the same dish. In another incident I was visited by my family from India and I was trying to find out a pure vegetarian joint. 

This experiences germinated the idea of Indian Food Zone. A web portal to Follow Your Food. A one place where you can find you the restaurant of your choice and do a detailed search, look up for the Indian Grocery stores and even find your recipe that you are looking for. Indian food has a very rich heritage and imbibes a confluence of cultures. The Indian Food Blogs educate us about Indian Food , its cuisines and cultures. Most of our dadi nani medical home made recipes were based out of the medicinal benefits out of the spices in Indian Pantry. 

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have tried to put together a useful portal to find everything about Indian Food. Your choice to Follow Your Food where ever you go ! Hope you enjoy and experience and we welcome your critique to make it better.